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These are the cutting boards we used to win 2 World BBQ titles. They are measure 18 "x24" in size with a coating on one side to help with the keeping it water resistant. The are strong enough to stand up to electric knives, they feature fold-up sides to assist in keeping anything your chopping from falling off. You can use them with your most expensive cutlery without fear of damage. Best of all there's no need to to juggle over-sized traditional cutting boards in your sink - when you're done, just toss the disposable boards. Grab a new one each time your needing to slice, chop, or season some meat.

  • Keep from spreading food borne bacteria in your kitchen
  • Water Resistant
  • Priced right for single use
  • Ideal for any catering event
  • Safe for electric or chef knives
  • Disposable for fast and easy clean up
  • Perfect for home or commercial use
  • 30 count box

Disposable Cutting Board-MP

SKU: 275-MP
  • Shown in Length x Width x Heigth inches

    25 x 18 3/4 x 1

    shipping weight 10 pounds

We have pictures with white background for you to use on your website. Below are the links to a Google Folder. Please follow them to down load the pictures you need. 

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