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We want you to give these to your best customers that will post on your social media pages to help with telling your customers about what they can do with a brine for cooking chicken all summer. Use it during a store demo. Open a bag and give our single use packs. Get these free when you place your regular order. We will add it for free. We will add it for free. Just add it to your cart so we know you want it. 

Sold in 9 count boxes and singles.

Years of winning in competitions has brought us to this point in cooking with science.  You can now have a simple chicken brine recipe that will add moisture, flavor, and tenderness. This brine will dissolve using room temperature water, so it mixes very fast. No extra cost on buying chicken stock because we have it in the brine. The savory flavors you get from our brine is unmatched. Perfect for grilling and smoking. That's not all, it can be used as an injection by itself or added in with any of our other Bird Booster products. Use this for any poultry you want to cook. It's good for whole chickens, cut up chickens, turkeys, and even wild game birds. See mixing instructions. 

FREE BRINE For Your Store