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We have moved to a 6 pack box. Allowing you to buy in case volume pricing without having to stock very much inventory. Please use this to put more varieties of our rubs on your shelves allowing your customers a greater variety.

If sweet is your game without the savory, we have perfected a brown sugar based rub with just the right amount of chipotle flavor. The sweetness is the key that allows the flavor of the chipotle to shine through without all the heat. A true Sweet Chipotle like no other.

Sweet Chipotle-MP

SKU: 403-MP
  • Shown in Length x Width x Heigth inches

    8 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 6 3/4

    shipping weight 5.75 pounds

We have pictures with white background for you to use on your website. Below are the links to a Google Folder. Please follow them to down load the pictures you need. 

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