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Our heavy duty turkey brine bags are made of FDA and USDA approved material for use with food. They are a thick 4 mil that is 120% thicker than a standard zip top bag. Measuring 20" by 24".  Other great uses for our bags is when preparing large cuts of meat for grilling and smoking, but need a something to store in overnight. Measuring 20 inches by 24 inches these are large enough for a 25 pound turkey, 20 pound brisket, half dozen slabs of ribs, or transporting wild game from the field to the butcher. Each package comes with 4 bags. 

Turkey Brine Bags and Meat Storage

SKU: butcher266
    • Have your turkey fully thawed
    • Mix up some Butcher BBQ Bird Booster Brine
    • Place the Turkey Brine Bag in a bucket or roasting pan
    • Place turkey and brine in the bag and close bag
    • Place in refrigeration for proper brining
    • Remove turkey to cook and dispose of bag and brine. Cleanup is fast and simple

We have pictures with white background for you to use on your website. Below are the links to a Google Folder. Please follow them to down load the pictures you need. 

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